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Camp Forms


Forms can be uploaded to the CampDoc registration site or mailed to New Haven Land Trust, 817 Grand Ave. New Haven, CT 06511

Physical Form pdf (sample form) - a physical is required for each camper. This is a sample form, but the standard State of CT Health Assessment Form is most desired. This also requires a copy of the camper's immunization records.

Administration of Medication pdf - this is required if your child will have medication of any kind (prescription and non-prescription) at camp. A separate form is required for each medication.

Individual Plan of Care docx - this is required if your child will bring medication of any kind to camp. This form can be used, or we accept a current, signed Asthma Action Plan or Allergy Action Plan as prescribed by your child's pediatrician. Individual Plan of Care pdf

If you have any questions on the required forms for medication, please reach out. Your child will not be able to attend camp until all forms are property completed and provided.

Other Camp Documents


Camp Handbook pdf

Behavior Policy pdf

Frequently Asked Questions pdf