pond lily

Climate Change & Re-Wilding in New Haven

Arabelle Schoenberg

Pond Lily Nature Preserve is not just a great place for hiking and river views – it also serves as a crucial site for research on ecosystem change, plant systems, and climate change. Due to the removal of the Pond Lily Dam in February 2016, the natural ecosystem at Pond Lily Preserve is regenerating and returning to its natural state. Parts of the land that were previously six feet underwater are newly exposed and revegetating. The West River is forging a new course through the former dam site and the current flows more quickly than before.

Pond Lily Trash Clean-Up

Olivia Pearman

This week we were able to make a major impact on one of our preserves. Medtronic/Covidien had 19 volunteers out at Pond Lily to remove 45+ bags of garbage and even more broken and disused items that didn't fit in trash bags! See this link for more photos! We removed several old tires, a mattress and box springs, half of a ceramic sink, broken TVs, and lots more! Thank you Medtronic/Covidien for putting in the time and effort to make this happen!

3d Printing Helps Record Dam Removal

J.R. Logan

The one constant in nature is change, but sometimes that change is too slow to notice in any one visit. It is with this in mind that I started off on a mission to document the change over time at the Pond Lily Nature Preserve.


Pond Lily Dam (spillway) July 2014


The preserve is soon to undergo a great transformation. For more than 250 years a dam at the location blocked the free flow of the West River. Recently, through the work of the Connecticut Fund for the Environment and the funding of a resilience grant through the US Fish and Wildlife Service that dam will be removed sometime in 2015.  At first the change will be swift and dramatic. Construction staging will be setup, the river will be diverted to a temporary channel, earthwork and the careful teardown of the dam wall will proceed. When the deconstruction is done we will have a river which has been returned to a state that it has not been for centuries.