Quinnipiac Meadows/Eugene B. Fargeorge Preserve

Located on the Quinnipiac River, this 35-acre preserve includes tidal wetlands, coastal forest and coastal grasslands. There are two loop trails on the preserve and a bird blind overlooking the salt marsh and river. Keep a look out for many birdhouses, osprey nesting platforms, and a bat box! Benches and platforms provide a great chance for bird watching!

Location: 1040 Quinnipiac Ave. Preserve entrance is near the Amtrak railroad bridge. Park in front of the gate and walk in through pedestrian entrance on the left side of gate, walk down the gravel road to find the entrance to the trails. Check out the map below for more details. And Link to Street View of the entrance here.


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Map of Preserve trails


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Watch a video about Quinnipiac Meadows and the species that can be found here!

Osprey landing platform - photo credit: Chung-leong Chan

Photo credit: Chung-leong Chan

Ospreys are plentiful at Quinnipiac Meadows. They take full advantage of the two installed osprey nesting platforms and even use the old, standing telephone poles in the Preserve to nest on! In early summer you can glimpse the fledgelings in their nest; don't get too close! Mommy and daddy osprey are very protective!

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Check out this video by the New Haven Independent on a recently installed bat box.


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