Environmental Education

Get outside and learn. Take a guided walk on the preserves, see the birds, or explore by canoe. Learn how to start a garden or brush up on your growing skills. Programs are open to all and free.

Community Gardens

Grow your own food! Get your own garden bed or try urban farming in shared plots with your neighbors. It's affordable, healthy, and fun.

Land Preservation

You can experiene nature right in New Haven thanks to over 80 acres forever protected as nature preserves. These lands - forest, meadow, wetlands, shoreline, and more - are important habitats and valuable green spaces. 

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Climate Change & Re-Wilding in New Haven

Arabelle Schoenberg

Pond Lily Nature Preserve is not just a great place for hiking and river views – it also serves as a crucial site for research on ecosystem change, plant systems, and climate change. Due to the removal of the Pond Lily Dam in February 2016, the natural ecosystem at Pond Lily Preserve is regenerating and returning to its natural state. Parts of the land that were previously six feet underwater are newly exposed and revegetating. The West River is forging a new course through the former dam site and the current flows more quickly than before.

The Growing Entrepreneurs Take on Northeast Organic Farming Association!

Rasha Abuhatab
Bright and early, the Growers headed over to the annual Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) conference at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury. Although I was a little carsick on the way there due to the long ride, it was worth it! The car ride was filled with laughs and fun on the way there and on the way back great discussions about what information we absorbed during the conference.

More kids, more boats, more sun, more fun!

Cori Merchant
Schooner Camp has some amazing things in the works for our upcoming summer. Read on to learn about all the wonderful things that will be new for camp this year. We now have programs for 4-5-year-olds, awesome leadership programming for 13-14-year-olds, six additional sailboats, and will be adding more amazing staff members along with our new camp director!
Hi everyone, my name is Cori, and I'm excited to be the new director of Schooner Camp this summer.

New Haven's Newest IBA

Arabelle Schoenberg

Quinnipiac Meadows Nature Preserve was declared New Haven's newest IBA last week! IBA stands for Important Bird Area and it is a classification given by the Audubon Society to natural areas, both urban and rural, that are considered important for the conservation of at-risk bird populations. Audubon CT approved the addition of Quinnipiac Meadows Preserve to the pre-existing Quinnipiac Tidal Marsh IBA, which spans over 900 acres of marshland along the Quinnipiac River in New Haven, North Haven, and Hamden. 

Registration for Schooner Camp 2018 Now Open!

New Haven Land Trust

The Schooner Summer Camp brings kids to the coastline to explore, learn, grow, get their feet wet in the water, and above all else - have fun! Our summer camp curriculum is designed to appeal to youth ages 4-12 years old with leadership and youth development opportunities for teens. The Schooner Summer Camp offers both a land-based Shore Program and a sea-based Sailing Program in which campers engage in science-based learning through adventure, exploration, crafts, songs, and games. 

Working to End Waterfowl Hunting along the Quinnipiac River

Arabelle Schoenberg

In the early mornings, some neighbors of the Quinnipiac Meadows Nature Preserve hear gunshots. Currently, hunting is legal along the Quinnipiac River as long as all shooting happens north of the boundary line extending from Grannis Island (on the southernmost tip of the preserve) to Lombard Street on the other side of the river. The hunting boundary was moved up to this point in 2009 in response to safety concerns for families living nearby.

Growing Shade and Carpenters

Molly Montgomery

Midsummer here in New Haven. Despite the heat, our Growing Entrepreneurs have been working hard to build a pergola – a spot for shade in the center of the Chapelseed community garden and a structure for grapevines to cling to. I’ve never seen a freestanding pergola before, so I’ve been learning right alongside the Growers.