Welcoming ten new Growing Entrepreneurs, and a new partnership with New Haven Farms!

On February 10th, ten students from around the city started our Growing Entrepreneurs program. The students hail from Newhallville, Beaver Hills, Fair Haven, the Hill, and West Rock neighborhoods and attend schools around the city including Wilbur Cross, Hillhouse, HSC, Career, E.S.U.M.S, New Haven Academy, Common Ground, and the Sound School. We are beyond excited to be able to grow the program to serve two groups of ten students each year and we would not be able to do it without our longtime partners at New Haven Farms.


New Haven Farms Farm Manager and Program Manager, Jocelyn Tidwell and Genesis Vicente, will join Esther Rose-Wilen and Bradley Fleming as leaders of the program. Students in the first ten-student cohort who started this winter will have the opportunity to choose between two program tracks: a farm-business track led by Jocelyn and an individual-business venture track led by Esther. Students working with Jocelyn will work at New Haven Farms farm sites around the city and will run the Saturday Ferry Street farmstand. They will tackle crop planning, marketing, finding restaurant clients, and more as a team. Students in this track will have the opportunity to try out specialty crops at the New Haven Farms seedling sale on May 25th and the Saturday farm stands to earn commission.


Students working with Esther will work independently on business ventures of their own creation related to food, agriculture, or carpentry. Past ventures have ranged from building raised garden beds, to homemade frozen sofrito, to Nina’s Carrot Honey Body Scrub (Grow&Glow available at the CitySeed Farmers market on 3/30 at Metropolitan Business Academy.)


Students have yet to pick their tracks but have already started learning a multitude of new skills through workshops on carpentry, seeding seedling trays, personal finance, and professional emailing.


To learn more about individual Growing Entrepreneurs, visit our staff page.


Blog Date: 
Wednesday, March 13, 2019