The Honey Bee Project

Cori Merchant

This year, our Hazel Street Garden partnered with The Honey Bee Project. The Honey Bee Project is a Beekeepers in Residence program involving youth in 4-month-long therapeutic beekeeping program. It provides hands on training on beekeeping and relevant job skills, while encouraging development of body and emotional awareness, regulation strategies, and mindfulness practices. Each participant graduates with an increased capacity for relationship building, and an increased sense of self efficacy and empowerment. They also develop an understanding of the role of the honey bee in nature and the many benefits of pollinators, identify personal skills and interests, and create a formal resume.  

This fall the first cohort from the Beekeepers in Residence graduated! We could not be more proud of this group and the light, laughter, and honey bee homes they created. The Newhallville community is 2 hives stronger and the beekeeping community gained 5 fierce beekeepers! Be on the look out in 2019, for additional hives to appear in Land Trust community gardens.  

This program works with support of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, the New Haven Land Trust, the Greater New Haven Green Fund, and the Back Yard Beekeepers Association, as well as from individual donations. Photo credit to Belden Carlson, for more photos visit  

Blog Date: 
Wednesday, December 12, 2018