Make Music New Haven Coming to Grand Acres Community Garden

New Haven Land Trust
June 21st is World Music Day! Musicians of all styles will take over the city for a free day of music on the longest day of the year. The idea started in Paris, France back in 1982 by former Minister of Culture Jack Lang and French composer Maurice Fleuret. Their vision, which has expanded to over 100 countries and 700 cities, was to make music free and accessible to the public. 
The concept has made its way to New Haven thanks to organizers at the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. Make Music New Haven will feature several venues hosting local musicians and The New Haven Land Trust is happy to join in with music by Bop Tweed at our Grand Acres Community Garden (47 Grand Avenue). 
Bop Tweed is a local jazz/blues trio currently working on a new album. When discussing the band's style, band member Tim Barry says, "Most of our music is original, and the rest is thoughtful re-arrangements of beloved standards. There is a lot of creativity and spontaneity within the framework of form in our music." He continues, "I believe our key ingredient in writing and performing during the last decade has been our ability to listen to each other and contribute to what each is thinking/doing. It's a joyous process we firmly believe in."
Come welcome summer with music and refreshments at one of our 55 community gardens. See what gardeners are growing, check out our greenhouse, and learn more about the New Haven Land Trust while grooving to the smooth sounds of Bop Tweed. Music starts at 5 pm and we'll hang out until 6:30 pm! 
Blog Date: 
Friday, May 25, 2018