Growing Entrepreneurs Are Still Hard at Work!

Rasha Abuhatab

The winter season is a slow one for big projects that the growers love to do - nevertheless, we have been trying to sell healthy and tasteful seasonings at the winter farmers market at Metropolitan High School to enhance our entrepreneurial and communication skills.


We learned many new things such as FDA regulations, formulating nutritional labels and how to actually make the different seasonings. The two seasonings were a Hispanic sauce, Sofrito and an Italian sauce which was Pesto. However, as we were cooking in City Seed’s kitchen we changed up the recipe commonly used by switching the basil with kale. Both sauces consisted of local and organic fruits and vegetables such as pepper, onions, garlic, and kale. Creating the labels was very time consuming but overall a great learning experience. I had to find the amount of calories, protein, sodium, vitamins, and sugar in each serving size of the product.

The CitySeed winter farmers market was a great experience being a vendor and a customer. After great luck and having excited customers, we continued to go to the farmers market for three weeks selling out all of our exquisite sauces. The atmosphere was just thrilling all around! We were making a difference in the community, on the way to making our community much healthier and happier. Even if it doesn’t affect the whole community, every person is worth it and we’re glad to help make lives healthier through food!  


We’d like to thank NHLT partner CitySeed for renting kitchen space and inviting us to come as a guest vendor as well as all our generous supporters.        

Blog Date: 
Monday, February 12, 2018