Schooner Camp Sets Sail for their first week!

Sarah Morrison and Kayla Connelly


Schooner Campers had a great first week of Camp!  We had a total of 40 campers attend camp our first week and many of our campers learned how to sail for the very first time, while our other land based campers explored the Long Island Sound from the Long Wharf Nature Preserve.  Our campers are split into four groups, the land based campers are the Fiddler Crabs and Horseshoe Crabs and our Older Sailing Campers are the Genoas (Gennys for short) and the Jibs! Check out below for a short description of what campers did each day. All in all EVERYONE had a great time!

Every week we do a critter of the week, and this week was the Fiddler crab! Our counselors give a fun fact of the day about our critter to teach the kids in depth about animals they see everyday. Campers also learned about the Long Island Sound, Estuarys, and how Ecosystems works. 

We started off Monday with lots of intro and name games to get everyone warmed up for camp. The kids had a blast learning the Ecosystem Web Game and how everything is connected. The Ecosystem Web shows that if one plant/animal gets disrupted then the whole Web falls apart. Campers also explored The Long Wharf Nature Preserve and learned what our map looks like and got to color and decorate their own map of the preserve. 

In the sailing program the Campers did all of the above and the Jibs learned how to rig (set up) a Fun Boat, and the Genoas (Gennys) launched off for the first time! 

On Tuesday Campers learned about Mollusks and how they filter the Long Island Sound and their importance in our ecosystem. After campers did a Mollusk Relay Race out on the beach! Campers also learned about Abiotic (Never Alive) and Biotic (Alive or Dead) parts of the ecosystem and created  their own collage/ charts showing that they learned the difference. 

In the Sailing program the Jibs and Gennys had fun adventuring out into the deeper water and doing small relay races where they learned to control their boats.

Wednesday all of the Jibs and some of the younger campers when out on the Amistad for a beautiful sailing experience on a Schooner! Campers went out on the Long Island Sound, learned about navigation and the history of the Amistad. Campers also learned how to tie knots and got to see under deck where the Captain and Crew lives.  

On land campers learned about trash and how it effects our ecosystem as well as how long it takes to decompose.  After learning about pollution and trash the campers headed to the beach where they helped pick up all the trash.  Afterward the beach clean up, campers did a fun recycling project where they used plastic and cardboard recyclables to make beautiful pieces of art. 

In the sailing program the  Genoas  had a longer day sailing and did some destination sailing.  The Genoas went to the Sand Spit (a small C shaped island that is created when the tides are low enough) where one of the Junior counselors rescued a horse shoe crab in danger and the kids got to see! After the sand spit the Genoas continued out and sailed over towards Lighthouse Point!  

The Jibs and Genoas learned to do figure 8’s in the water going around buoys. In the class room the kids learned what the Jib sail and the Genoa sails are, which is what their groups are named after! 

Thursday the rest of the campers went out to the Amistad and the rest of the campers completed the activities that they did not get to participate in from Wednesday.

In the sailing program, the kids learned jibing (taking down the sails) at the end of the day, so now they can set up, sail, and take everything down! How exciting this happened all in less then one week!

On Fridays we spend a lot of time reflecting and debriefing on the week.  This Friday the Horseshoe crabs and the Fiddler crabs did Jeopardy to see what they learned and did amazing knowing the answer to every question!  The Genoas and Jibs went out to the preserve to adventure!  Everyone got together to create our critter of the week in the sand on the beach!Then to Finish off the week, we had a debrief that ended in the kids getting their very own certificates, t-shirts, and group photo! 

For more photos check out our facebook album HERE!


Blog Date: 
Friday, June 30, 2017