Youth Jobs Corps - Meet Xavier!

Xavier Hernandez

My name is Xavier Hernandez, and it’s my second  time working with the New Haven Land Trust. My work experience has been great working with these teenagers from the [email protected] program. My favorite part about working in community gardens is getting to use different kinds of gardening tools. My favorite place to work is on Long Wharf Nature Preserve because we get the chance to saw down and pull out all sorts of weeds, and trees. Everyone gets along well and we are all hard working.Working at the garden was interesting this year. I say it was interesting because last year when I was working with the New Haven Land Trust mostly what I did was weeding and making garden beds. Unlike this year,, where it was more carpentry related things like making the fence and the compost bin. I enjoyed making the fence for the garden because I have never made one before.The easiest thing to do this year was making the garden beds because of the experience I had last year. We made twelve garden beds in this summer alone! The hardest thing was making the holes to be able to put the fence up. It was challenging because we had to make the holes 3 feet deep and we had to made them wide. In all the holes there were a lot of bricks and rocks. It was frustrating having to take them all out.In one hole there was a big rock that probably weighed 300+ pounds. It was not planning on coming out and we tried removing it/ shifting it for a long time. We gave it one last attempt and we were able to shift it so it wouldn't be in our way when we continue the fence. We have finished the fence and it looks great!  

Blog Date: 
Monday, August 22, 2016