My First Job! - Youth Jobs Corps

Ajarano Smith-Bowe

My name is Ajarano Smith-Bowe and I am apart of this year's youth at work crew. Throughout this summer we have been renovating the Grand Acres garden site. As i'm writing this blog post and reflecting on my experience as the job comes to a close I realize what an impact we have had on the worksite, and the impact it had on me. When we first arrived, the site had lots of weeds, a compost pile that had to be done, a fence that had to be made, and how we had to make garden beds. I was also woefully unprepared for the tasks ahead. Now at the end of the program we were able to completely transform Grand Acres into way different from when it started. Thanks to all of our hard work we were able to completely renovate Grand Acres!

Blog Date: 
Monday, August 22, 2016