Youth Jobs Corps - Meet Sadilka!

Sadilka Lopez

During my experience with the New Haven Land Trust I have had a good time. We have made garden beds, compost bins, a fence, we planted, we weeded, etc. We have been in the garden and preserves that I have never known existed before. I had a lot of fun here working with everyone. I enjoyed making the fence and planting. I learned that having a garden isn't easy but that it is very fun to make one.  It was an amazing job experience! I have always told my mom that I wanted to make my own little garden and now I have the experience to be able to do one, and I can also contribute what I learned here with the Wilbur Cross Garden. The things that were pretty easy were building the garden beds and the compost bins. The garden beds were easy once someone told me what they were since I didn't know what "we're going to make beds today" meant. The compost bin was pretty easy because it was just drilling the wood but it was also difficult because we had to dig 3 feet for every hole. There were twelve holes we had to dig. At the end of it the compost bin looked better then how it first started off. The thing that was hard was digging the 3 feet deep holes because there were a lot of bricks and rocks. We dug up 20+ holes on the perimeter of the garden to build the fence. Then we had to start putting the poles and pluming it up and leveling it too. We had to mix concrete as well. It was frustrating making the fence but the end result was really worth it. It makes the garden look really pretty.  

Blog Date: 
Monday, August 22, 2016