Youth Jobs Corps - Digging, Building, and Trailblazing!

Henry Zehner

Hi! My name is Harry Zehner and I work at the New Haven Land Trust over the summer through the City of New Haven and Youth at Work. We are doing many exciting things this summer, working in gardens and preserves in various capacities. The second week of work was filled with new on the job experiences. The first two days were centered around building a new compost heap in the Grand Acres garden. We had already dug three foot holes for the four by four posts that would become the foundation of the compost heap. We then had to learn to mix and pour concrete in order to strengthen the base of these four by four posts. We moved sixty pound bags of dry concrete mix into a wheelbarrow and then used a hose to wet and mix the concrete till it was the exact right texture. We then used flat shovels to dump the concrete into the base of the holes. This activity took up most of Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday saw a return to a familiar activity: digging holes. We spent all of Wednesday trying to work through a tough set of challenges presented by digging new holes (for the fence we are soon putting up). These holes were filled with small rocks, big rocks, bricks, more bricks and occasionally a few electrical wires. It was a tough, grueling job, but we got most of it done before we headed out to the preserves on Thursday. In the Pond Lily Preserve, we weeded and graveled the main trail for the first half of the day. After lunch, we started clearing out a new trail, which is surprisingly difficult work. I can certainly sympathize with the people who have made trails like the Appalachian trail or the Long trail. Overall, it was an excellent week. I learned new skills, worked hard and had fun with all the other workers at the New Haven Land Trust!

Blog Date: 
Monday, August 1, 2016