Introducing Schooner Kids 2 Coastline

Megan Boyd

Kids 2 Coastline program just finished its first week! Educators welcomed two groups of kids from New Haven's Boys and Girls club, ages 6-8, and 9-10. Eager to learn and explore the Long Wharf Nature preserve, youth groups did their best to combat the 90 degree heat and they succeeded. Enthusiasm never wavered as they explored the salt marsh, learned about ecosystems, habitats, mollusks, tides, the Long Island Sound, stewardship and more.  We got very lucky and were able to find and hold both a fiddler crab and a horseshoe crab in their natural surroundings. This was especially exciting for our groups which we aptly named the "fiddler crabs" and the "horseshoe crabs." Being a brand new program, educators developed curriculum that would teach youth about the unique environment of the preserve while maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Kids participated in creating an Ecosystem web, played a Habitat movement game, learned accompanying songs, did a Gastropod mollusk treasure hunt and relay race, enjoyed a show-and-tell of local shells and bones.... and this was just the first week! Many of the kids knew very little or nothing at all about the Long Island Sound and salt marshes upon arriving at our program, but we are already noticing their incredible ability to absorb this information quickly. We have so much more planned for these young minds, and are thrilled with the first week's success and participation. Stay tuned...

Blog Date: 
Monday, July 18, 2016