New Office, New Possibilities with New Haven Farms

Stephen Grant

Our mission at the New Haven Land Trust is to engage people in stewardship and cultivation of the land for a healthier community and environment. One of the ways we accomplish this is by partnering with organizations that share a similar purpose. Our Incubator Garden program, a collaborative program with New Haven Farms, is a great example of that.

Growing Shade and Carpenters

Molly Montgomery

Midsummer here in New Haven. Despite the heat, our Growing Entrepreneurs have been working hard to build a pergola – a spot for shade in the center of the Chapelseed community garden and a structure for grapevines to cling to. I’ve never seen a freestanding pergola before, so I’ve been learning right alongside the Growers.

Horseshoes at New Haven Harbor

Arabelle Schoenberg

This summer, the New Haven Land Trust has hosted two Hunting for Horseshoes events at Long Wharf Nature Preserve. In partnership with Sacred Heart University's Project Limulus, the New Haven Land Trust has brought researchers from the program to teach community members about horseshoe crabs and how to catch them and collect data for the Project. 

Growing Entrepreneurs: Highlights & Updates

Sarah Gilbert

Growing Entrepreneurs, the Land Trust’s year-round job program for youth, is in its 12th week. Temperatures are dipping and the end of daylight savings will soon put our after-school workdays in the dark. Will things start to slow down? Not quite. We are switching to Saturday workdays, protecting the garden from the cold, starting a new business venture for the winter, and adding one more youth to our team.

Youth Jobs Corps - Meet Xavier!

Xavier Hernandez

My name is Xavier Hernandez, and it’s my second  time working with the New Haven Land Trust. My work experience has been great working with these teenagers from the [email protected] program. My favorite part about working in community gardens is getting to use different kinds of gardening tools. My favorite place to work is on Long Wharf Nature Preserve because we get the chance to saw down and pull out all sorts of weeds, and trees. Everyone gets along well and we are all hard working.Working at the garden was interesting this year.

My First Job! - Youth Jobs Corps

Ajarano Smith-Bowe

My name is Ajarano Smith-Bowe and I am apart of this year's youth at work crew. Throughout this summer we have been renovating the Grand Acres garden site. As i'm writing this blog post and reflecting on my experience as the job comes to a close I realize what an impact we have had on the worksite, and the impact it had on me. When we first arrived, the site had lots of weeds, a compost pile that had to be done, a fence that had to be made, and how we had to make garden beds. I was also woefully unprepared for the tasks ahead.