Youth at Work: Week Four

Eneida Martinez

Friends of East Rock Park and New Haven Land Trust Youth at Work crews after spreading mulch, staking tomatoes, and weeding at Constance Baker Motley garden. 


Throughout our lasts weeks of [email protected], we have been able to build multiple relationships with other organizations and people. We worked with the Urban Resource Initiative and Friends of Edgewood Park to help plant four trees at Edgewood Park. We also partnered with Friends of East Rock Park to get work done at their job site by laying down mulch and doing a trash cleanup. Then they joined the Land Trust at Constance Baker Motley to get some beautifying done. When the Land Trust worked with The Sound School to give Davenport Garden some TLC, I saw one of my high school teachers, Mr. M!

Everywhere we went we reunited with old friends, teachers, family members and created new friendships. Seeing old friends shows how much of a small world it is, but also seeing how everyone is connected through community efforts. Meeting new people gives us a chance to build friendships for future projects because having 10 people working in a garden goes way faster than only four! 

Blog Date: 
Monday, July 28, 2014