Youth at Work: Week 3

Chrystal Dickey

Chrystal rakes the soil of two new beds made by Youth at Work from the Land Trust and Sound School. 


I absolutely love working for the land trust! It has truly been a great experience helping to take care of different community gardens all over New Haven.  Like one of my fellow bloggers, who happens to be my brother, I had no idea of what the land trust was about until I started working in the gardens.  I found the Land Trust to be extremely educational and very family oriented. 80 year old Maddie Stevenson, who started the Davenport garden, helped me to see that in order for anything to grow, you have to have a love for gardening.  I along with other workers had the privilege to sit down with this wonderful woman and learn so much from her. One thing she said that stuck with me is that in order to be successful you have to put your heart in whatever it is you do. This is definitely a lesson that I think we all will take with us to help us be successful throughout our lives .

Blog Date: 
Tuesday, July 22, 2014