Thursdays at Long Wharf Nature Preserve

Eric Davies

We have worked at the Long Wharf Nature Preserve each Thursday since we started this job. Our job is to remove invasive species from the area, so the native species can grow. Some of the species that we have removed include: Autumn Olive, Mugwart, Bittersweet, Honeysuckle, and Multiflora Rose. We have learned how to identify these plants, as well as some of the native plants, and have removed some of the invasive species that we can identify. Most of what we have removed includes Mugwart, Bittersweet, and Autumn Olive. Our goals for this worksite are to remove as many of the invasive species as we can in the amount of time that we have. One major challenge that we face is poison ivy. Long Wharf Nature Preserve, compared to the other sites that we work in, has a significant amount of poison ivy. To avoid getting a reaction from it, we have to wear long sleeve shirts and pants, so it doesn’t rub on our bare skin, and when we are done with the work day, we have to wash our hands with soap that washes away the oils of poison ivy. We can already see a dramatic change from the work we have done, as well as work done by other groups.

Blog Date: 
Monday, July 20, 2015