Learning to remove Invasive Species

Julian Reyes and Xavier Hernandez

My name is Julian Reyes It’s my first time working with the New Haven Land Trust. My work experience has been great working with these teenagers from the [email protected] program. My favorite part about working in community gardens is getting to use different kinds of gardening tools. My favorite place to work is on Long Wharf because we get the chance to saw down and pull out all sorts of weeds, and trees. Everyone gets along well and we are all hard working.
We are the [email protected] group with the New Haven Land Trust. My name is Xavier Hernandez. My experience has been fun and full of hard work. I learned a lot about invasive plants and what they look like and what they do. In the Long Wharf Nature Preserve there are a lot of invasive plants. Over the past three Thursdays we have taken out more than five species of invasive plants. Our goal is to take out all of the invasive species and help native animals and other plants in New Haven Land Trust thrive. We like taking care of the gardens, parks, and anything that involves plants, animals, and mother nature. We have also helped to build a shed, and build raised garden beds for the gardeners.

Blog Date: 
Monday, July 27, 2015