Extreme Makeover - Long Wharf Edition

Olivia Pearman

The New Haven Land Trust and our trusty volunteers have worked hard to make improvements to the Long Wharf Nature Preserve this year.

Phase I - Tearing it Down

In July we began our project with URI to create an Urban Oasis at Long Wharf. See Audubon CT's website for more information on the Urban Oases across New Haven. The aim of this project is to create a space that is better for birds and people!

With the help of URI and many volunteers we cleared a third of an acre of invasive species! These are a few before and after photos of our work:




And a few photos of the wonderful volunteers, URI workers, and Summer Youth Crew who made it happen:



We also took out all of the old signs.

Special thanks goes to John Cox, Gregory Ledovsky, and Caleb Thompson for helping with the removal of the all of the old signs. Volunteers like you three are the reason the Land Trust can do what it does!




Phase II - Building it up!

With the help of the Peabody Museum, many amazing partners, and incredible volunteers, the Land Trust has also been able to replace all of the old signs! We have also moved the main entrance sign and improved the main entrance so that it is more visible to passerby.

Our sign-unveiling event was a great way to celebrate all of the changes that happened this year.



Finally, we replanted natives where we took out all of the invasive plants in July. Our Urban Oasis is well on its way!


Blog Date: 
Sunday, November 15, 2015