Early birds may get the worm - but early birders get the coffee!

Olivia Pearman

The Early Birders got coffee and snacks this morning but that's not what got them up to visit Quinnipiac Meadows at 8 am. It was a beautiful morning for birding and we were rewarded with the chance to see 30 different bird species and about 200 individuals! Check out eBird to see the list of everything we saw this morning. Bill Batsford of the New Haven Bird Club led the walk through the preserve and was kind enough to set up his scope so we could get a better view. The ospreys are already beginning to build their nests and the air was filled with the calls of downy woodpeckers, chickadees, red-winged blackbirds, and many other bird calls. (links go to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology webpage for each bird where you can listen to their calls).

I was particularly enchanted by the American goldfinches we saw. They traveled in small groups fluttering from branch to branch seeking bugs to eat. They are tiny little birds with bright, chipper calls. 

American Goldfinch
Credit - D and D Photo Sudbury

Hope to see this group out at Quinnipiac Meadows again sometime soon! Thanks for helping make it a fun morning!

The Quinnipiac Meadows Early Birders
Credit - The New Haven Land Trust


Blog Date: 
Thursday, March 24, 2016