Davenport Garden

Eric Davies

At the community garden on Davenport, we did several things to clear it out and make it look much nicer. One thing we did was we cleared out many weeds throughout the entire garden. There was a ton of mugwort all over the place there! We also moved a large brush pile to the street to be removed, and we moved a garden bed. Another thing we did was we cleared the fences of vines and other weeds. This was challenging because some of the weeds were able to weave themselves into the fence, and they were very difficult to pull out of the fence. This also included trimming the hedges that are growing behind the fence. Finally, we also helped build a shed, which was finished yesterday. We helped lift the lumber used to build the shed, and we helped them during some parts of the building process. The most intense thing that we did with the shed, however, was digging a trench around it to put chicken wire around it, so animals don't live under the shed. This was extremely difficult on all of us because there were so many roots in the ground, and they were almost impossible to dig into. But after a couple of hours of doing that, we managed to dig the trench, and install the chicken wire in the trench.

Blog Date: 
Monday, August 3, 2015