Policies and Forms


Policies and Forms

Letter to Parents 
What to bring, what to wear and useful information:

Essential Information 
Camp is located at the Sound School with pick up and drop off on the corner of Sea and South Water Street New Haven, CT 06519.  Parents may park in the lot next to the flagpole. In front of the parking lot is a field where campers will be during pick up and drop off.  The camp office is located in the Anderson Building of Sound School, at approximately 30 S. Water Street.
Contact Information
During non-camp hours or for information that is not urgent email [email protected] 
During camp hours and for emergencies: call or text the Camp Director (the number will be sent out via CampDocs).  We try to answer every call, but if you get the voicemail, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. New Haven Land Trust # (203) 562-6655
Drop off/Pick up if Raining:
If it is raining and no one is in the field, parents can pick up/drop off campers at the Anderson building, 30 South Water Street.  Anderson is located on South Water Street and is a big yellow building on stilts next to the boat launch.
Drop off/Pick up Procedure:
Campers must be dropped off and picked up in accordance to camp drop off and pick up procedures. Our staff are not available to supervise campers dropped off before or after drop off and pick up times. Parents who pick up campers late will be automatically enrolled in the aftercare program and their account will be charged.
Drop off Time: 8:45-9:00 am 
Drop off may take up to 15 minutes 
Please park in the Sound School parking lot  
If there is not a staff member at the sign-in area, please wait until a staff member is present with the sign in sheet 
If you arrive late, make sure you check in with an adult staff member so they can properly sign in your camper 

Pick up Time: 2:45-3:00 pm unless your camper is enrolled in aftercare
Plan for dismissal to take 15 minutes.
Please park your car and go to the sign-out desk.
If you plan on having a friend or family member pick up your child please make sure their name is on the sign-up sheet as an alternate pickup person. If the person picking up your child is not already listed as an approved pick-up person, please contact the Camp Director ahead of time. 
If you plan to pick up your camper before 2:45 pm, please notify staff that morning.  
If you are consistently late to pick up your camper, you will automatically be enrolled in aftercare and your account will be charged.

Aftercare: 3:00-5:00 pm
You must enroll your camper in aftercare when you register for camp so that we can adequately staff the aftercare program.
Campers in the aftercare program participate in leisure activities in a less structured setting than normal camp hours.  Campers might play games, explore and make crafts during this time and will receive a snack. Aftercare cost: $75/one-week session.

Campers MUST wear closed toed shoes with a back. Campers will be getting dirty and wet! They can wear sneakers, boots, or water shoes. Closed toed sandals such as Keens are NOT recommended. Campers will spend a lot of time by the water and on the mud flats, campers should wear clothes and shoes that can get muddy and wet. Bringing extra shoes and clothes is very necessary.

Clothing for Sailing
Sailing campers should bring a change of clothes, shoes, and a towel every day to camp. The first day of camp they will do a float test before going on the water and will get wet. We strongly recommend water shoes as sailing campers will be submerging their feet in water daily. If you do not have water shoes, please pack an extra pair of shoes. We recommend campers wearing clothes that can get wet, or have campers wear a bathing suit under their clothes.
Please send a packed lunch each day unless your child will be participating in the New Haven Summer Meals program. This program is available to all campers (regardless of your city of residence) and will be served through the Sound School cafeteria.   
**We are a NUT FREE camp** Please do not send your child to camp with any snacks or food that contain nuts. 
Please pack siblings’ lunches in separate bags as campers do not always eat in the same areas. 
Please send your child to camp with a resuable water bottle. 
A snack will be provided for campers that are registered for the after care program.
Do Not Bring to Camp 
Phones, video games, music players, candy, electronics, pocket knives or anything that could be dangerous to other campers. Please also do not bring any toys that might distract other campers from camp activities.
Daily Camp Checklist
  • Closed-toed shoes 
  • Water shoes or extra shoes
  • Bathing suit
  • Refillable water bottle 
  • Lunch - NUT FREE
  • Clothes that can get dirty and wet 
  • Extra pair of dry clothes 
  • Towel
  • Pre-applied sunscreen and bug spray
  • Positive attitude! 
Health and Safety 
Schooner Camp will have a Director of First Aid on site at all times, and staff are trained in First Aid as well. Health and safety procedures are in accordance with the State of Connecticut Youth Camp Licensing program. You are required to provide an up to date Physical Form for your child, signed by their doctor. Any medications brought to camp will require additional paperwork.
Sunburn and Heat: We suggest parents apply an all day waterproof sunscreen to their child at home in the morning.  If you would like to send your child to camp with sunscreen please put their name on the bottle and let a staff member know if they need help applying it. Please send your child to camp with a refillable water bottle.   
Poison ivy: Counselors will teach campers how to identify poison ivy and show them where it grows on site.  If your child develops a rash that you suspect to be poison ivy, wash the clothes and shoes they wore that day in hot, soapy water as the oils can stay on clothes and spread. 
Ticks: Ticks are found throughout Connecticut. Staff will reduce exposure to ticks by preventing campers from going into prime tick habitat (such as tall grass). We recommend parents check their children for ticks when they get home. 
Keeping in Touch
Follow the Schooner Facebook page and @Schooner_Inc on Twitter to see camp photos and updates all summer long!
Questions and Concerns 
Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback.  We are looking forward to a great summer! 
Cori Merchant
Schooner Camp Director 

(203) 562-6655

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information
Schooner Camp has a great financial aid program for income-eligible families to receive scholarships for up to two weeks of camp. To apply, please download and complete the form listed below. You can submit the completed form to [email protected] or mail it to:

New Haven Land Trust
Attn: Schooner Camp
817 Grand Avenue Suite 101
New Haven, CT 06511

In order to secure your camper's spot, please make sure to return this form within one week of registration. Priority consideration is given to those who apply by May 1st. We will keep all forms and information confidential. You could also complete the financial aid application online in conjunction with your online camp registration.

Cancellation Policy
The fee to transfer to a different session is $10, and transfer depends on the availability of the new session.
Cancellations before June 1, 2018, will receive a full refund, less a $25 administrative fee.
Cancellations between June 1, 2018, and two weeks before the session start date will receive a 50% refund.
Cancellations within two weeks of the session start date will not receive a refund.

Behavior Policy
Please download and read the Behavior Policy attachment below.