Growing Entrepreneurs

The New Haven Land Trust’s Growing Entrepreneurs Program works with New Haven high school-aged students who develop small-business ventures to solve problems in their community.  As employees of the Land Trust, students learn skills in agriculture and carpentry working on small projects at community gardens. They are then encouraged to develop an idea for a business that would have a positive impact on the environment and the New Haven community. The program is designed to strengthen the students in five key areas: professional skills, entrepreneurship, understanding of environmental issues, gardening and carpentry skills, and character skills. These skills prepare the students for secondary education, future jobs, and potential future entrepreneurial ventures, as well as preparing them to be stewards of the environment throughout their lives.

After many summers employing [email protected] crews at the Land Trust, and the successful initiation of a year-long Growing Entrepreneurs program in 2016, we debuted our new Growing Entrepreneurs curriculum Summer 2017. This curriculum was created by New Haven Land Trust staff members and by summer interns supported by the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute. The curriculum led the five [email protected] students through the creation of socially-conscious, agriculture-related business ideas. The students wrote mission statements, worked out financial details, and created presentations for their unique business ventures. At the same time, they learned carpentry and gardening skills and worked on several projects for the Land Trust and several existing business ventures. The Growing Entrepreneurs built raised garden beds at several community gardens and built a pergola at Chapelseed community garden in the West River neighborhood. They continued their raised garden bed business, building raised beds for private homeowners as well as the market garden, selling vegetables to New Haven restaurants including The Juice Box, Da Legna, and Oak Haven. As of September 2017, the Growing Entrepreneurs have sold and installed 21 raised garden beds to private customers and sold over 120 lbs of produce to local restaurants.

In July, the students put in twenty-five hours per week on these projects through [email protected] To our delight, all five students chose to continue the program through the school year. On August 29th the students presented their business ideas to the public at their Ideas Fair.

The Growing Entrepreneurs Program is made possible by the support of the Greater New Haven Green Fund, Wells Fargo, New Alliance Foundation and many individual donors to the New Haven Land Trust.

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