Youth at Work: Week Two

Chris Dickey

To be completely honest at first, before being placed at The Land Trust, I had no idea what the Land Trust was about. But as I began working in the community, I began to have a better understanding of what the Land Trust was about. And my understanding of what the Land Trust does is that it helps the community in 3 ways: the Land Trust creates awareness of our community gardens, also that it's cheaper and healthier to grow your own vegetables, and also creates awareness of our precious preserves. But these are not the only reasons why I love working at the Land Trust--it's the connecting with the people in our community especially the elderly, which was the theme of our past week. What I would have to say touched my heart about last was seeing an elderly lady that was 93 years of age partially blind and deaf still out gardening at the Prescott Bush Senior Housing. So even though my peers and I are working in very hot temperatures everyday I leave work with a smile on my face because I know I've helped someone in my community.

Youth at Work employee Chris Dickey makes garden plans with Constance Baker Motley gardener, Mitch. 


Blog Date: 
Monday, July 14, 2014